A global community and a collaborative network

The A350 Community was initiated by Lufthansa Technik with the clear goal of enabling airlines worldwide to exchange their experiences with the A350 and benefit from these exchanges. Since the fleet introduction of the A350 involves much more than just mastering new technologies, joining forces in this critical phase is the fast track to creating the fleet reliability operators are looking for.

Meeting at A350 hotspots

Dedicated workshops at aviation-friendly venues in the regions are at the heart of the A350 Community. Here, workshop participants can share their knowledge and primary concerns about the challenges facing A350 operators and MRO providers in an informal yet focused atmosphere. Through presentations, collaborative working sessions and panel discussions relevant to the operation of this most advanced aircraft type, the A350 Community stays abreast of global fleet developments. The spirit of the community has already helped its members identify and discuss possible solutions and approaches to challenges faced by operators of the A350.

The spirit behind success

In this connected community, which is united by a common spirit, A350 operators are able to share experiences on equal terms. Members of the A350 Community value this opportunity as it is an essential element of their success and has already helped them identify possible solutions and approaches to many of the particular challenges faced by A350 operators.

Why should you be part of the A350 Community?

“Sharing experiences and finding different solutions is an important part of the community’s value.”

“Getting information from other airlines is highly valuable.”

“The knowledge-sharing about different approaches is great.”

“It’s a great opportunity for networking.”

“We have gained enormous confidence about the A350’s entry into service in our company.”

“We now understand the big picture of the A350’s entry into service, which is a great help.”